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Dear Podficcer,

welcome and greetings! This is my first time participating in ITPE and though I have been actively doing podfic for two years, both of these likely mean you don't know me at all. So, nice to meet you! I hope this won't be the last time. Thank you for recording for me, I can't wait until I get to hear the finished product. But for now, ITPE! In general, hopefully this letter provides you with as much information you need to chose a fic to record. But if you are trying to make yourself fit to my tastes and going against your own, let me say I would much prefer that you chose a fic you enjoy! In short: Having fun yourself is the most important thing.

Regarding format, if you want to do something experimental, a chat fic, drunk podficcing or whatever: go for it! I enjoy these just as much as a straight reading. So, I'm not saying if you procrastinated you should get a wine bottle and start recording, but if that were to happen I would def enjoy the outtakes. Anyway, no pressure.

Loves: teratophilia aka monsterfucking, body horror, world building, long plotty stuff, power exchange, pining (exception: I am in love but X would never want me bc I'm ugly etc. Nope. Example of good pining: there's something here but right now we gotta focus on other stuff so this has to wait), identity porn, fake relationship, tentacles, oviposition, gen, overstimulation, tropes that are questioned or subverted (it's fine if it gets build up again tho!), fun realistic sex (e.g. stuff goes wrong, giggling, cheesy lines), crack fic, fucked up shit that is acknowledged as fucked up, hate fucking, rivals, mythology, meta fics where fanfic is written in universe, fandom aus, queer stuff

Likes: Sci-fi and fantasy aus, space, "issue" fic (e.g. x char as trans etc), fluff, humour, kink negotiation, I know everyone in 2017 is trying to write like Hemingway and I'm not saying purple prose but if you find a fic that takes risks with language and it pays off I'm in!

Mehs: au for sake of au (e.g. coffeeshop au and the only plot is getting together), marriage (especially when glorified as the end all be all of relationships I will quietly roll my eyes), A/B/O played completely straight, breeding kink, choking, straight up PWP that doesn't stand out in any way (either emotionally, plotty or kinkily), bad ends for the sake of bad ends (you gotta put the emotion into it!)

Squicks: undernegotiated or not negotiated BDSM - if the discussion is implied that's fine!, non-con that is either not acknowledged as non-con (e.g. oh, you raped me but then I liked it) or as an excuse for hurt comfort (e.g. if the fic is non-con scene then just rescue of the victim and comfort, skip it.) or glorified in narrative, miscommunication without reason (e.g. I cannot talk about my feelings. That's what's stopping me.), character death without reason/just to get some tears, too much fluffy ooc fic (this is hard bc the line is wavery. Use carefully), scat, character bashing

So, some of these contradict themselves hard, but I think that's not unusual. If you want to dig deeper, you can check my modest ao3 or my tumblr. Hopefully that should clear up any questions. In general, I won't say no to most things if it is written compellingly.


Overwatch: my main fandom right now, so buckle in! M/M first
   Genji/Zenyatta: The one I love the most! I really take it in any form. Sadly, a rare pair.
   Reaper76: Monster Gabe is a gift. Monster Jack is even better bc I am contrary to fandom norms. Same goes for Gabe bottoming! I already listed monster fucking as a wonderful thing. I love them both fighting or making up as olds. <3 Young is good as well. One caution: Gabe can be angry about the promotion, but it cannot be the only reason. I am a Gabe stan through and through, so anything with him being awesome. If the fic is all about sucking JAck's dick I'm kinda bored. Also please avoid racist characterisation (Gabe is "spicy" etc). Reaperbeans are fine, but mind the fluff.
   Luciper: My second Gabe ship and rarepair. No Lucio just rolling over though!
   Akandriel: Still here for this. While I don't stan Jack, avoid character bashing though.
   McReaper: Also a very good boat, crosses over well with Reaper76 but can have fluff overload.
   Shimadacest: I am always a sucker for fucked up incest.
   Emily/Lena/Widowmaker: Widowtracer is nice but Emily is cute as well! Threesome this please.
   Sombra/ Hate fucking or becoming allies are both fine :3
   Sombra/Widowmaker: power couple!
   Mei/Zarya: The cutest and my fav  F/F ship.
   Dom!!Soldier 76: I only accept, no exceptions.
   Single character pieces - focusing on the ladies and the characters of colour please
   Talon Trio/Quartet fluff and bonding. Just let them be a found family, ok??
   Meh ships:
   RoadRat: Normally I would be all over it, but for some reason I am not.

Dishonored: I just want everyone to be happy, ok? Post-low chaos prefered bc Idk if I can handle the hurt.
   Corvo/The Outsider: The Dreaaaam! I like them both as monster fucking and as post-DotO.
   Corvo/Daud: ok, so Daud is def a little black dress. You can combine with above, but I am meh about Daud/Outsider. Dad!Daud in moderation.
   Billie Lurk/Emily: I'm sorry Wyman, but Billie and Emily have chemistry!
   Gen: Focus on Corvo or The Outsider is awesome. On the setting as well. Other characters of interest: Aramis Stilton, Yul Khulan (An ok overseer?? How does his friend ship go), Delilah being awesome by herself and not mean to our cast. Whale!Outsider

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: Here we go~
   Strange/Norrell: hate relationship
   Vinculus/Childermass: Roadtrip and rom com ending, I mean!
   Childermass/Ravenking: That submission unf.
   Emma Pole/Arabella Strange
   Stephen Black being awesome!
   Childermass and Vinculus annoying each other.
   Ravenking legends and anything with the scholar-y work
   Anything about the setting or woman in it <3

American Gods: Anything is fine but really I like this so much I just want universe stuff. Also, Anansi being awesome.

Good Omens: Also almost perf as it is. Canon ships + Crowley/Aziraphael of course!

Dream Daddy:
   Hugo Vega/Damien Bloodmarch: They are the best, end of discussion.
   Anything relating to Hugo, Damien or Robert! Damien is my favourite of them all. Any Dad + Children stuff. Robert spinning tall tales while also angsting is great. Also: MARY the MVP. Anything for Mary being happy.
   Roseph: When in character it doesn't really get me. If there's demon fucking, I might be slightly interested though.
   Dadsona/Anyone: Not really for me.

Yuri!! On Ice (Otayuri): Victuuri is nice but Otayuri is where my heart lies. Focus on them.

Batfamily + Superman with Batman in any iterations: I like Gen about Gotham, the batfamily and crack like weedhorse 69. Love Cass Cain/Steph. Inter robin pairings are great. But I have an OTP here:
   Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent: I mean, I would describe what I like but really... anything mithen wrote is my gold standard and any other fic has to live up to it. The longfics especially (e.g. 36 views of Japan). Just go read all her stuff and pick one fic if you have no idea what else to do.

Mob Psycho 100: I have only seen the anime. Anyway Gen stuff with Reigen & Mob as family. Reigen as a responsible adult in general.

Fairy Tales and Legends: Bonus if not from Europe, subverting "traditional" gender roles or both. Love Baba Jaga stuff. If you do anything Japanese, please check for orientalism? If Japan is described as this magical land of everything and oh so special and exotic, skip it.

Elric of Melnibone: Elric/Arioch. Elric/Moonglum. Elric angsting around.

Otherland: I mean, anything about the setting, but also Renie Sulaweyo is the BEST. Sam/Orlando with trans Sam. Renie/Christine.

Memory Sorrow and Thorn: Gen preferred. No Simon/Miriamele for the reason that I am named very similarly to Miriamele.

Alien: Ellen Ripley kicking ass. Xenomorph cuddling or fucking someone nicely, idc how ooc. Ok, I care, but am willing to suspend a lot. No Prometheus/Alien Convenant content. Yautja are fine!

Prey (2017): Gen stuff about our protagonist please!

Engelsfors Triology:
   Minoo/Rebecka: make it hurt less, ok??
   Vanessa/Linnéa: *wailing in the distance about their perfection*
   Elias and/or Rebecka live aus.
   Erik Forslund having the worst time of his life bc FUCK HIM.

Ok, this was long. Puh. Congrat if you made it through! I hope you got some ideas now. I can't wait to hear what you come up with. Cheers!

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I did some dent into my reading stack this easter, happy to talk with anyone about it.

I read the last book of the Engelsfors triology. If you don't know, it's a Swedish YA series where teenagers are realistic with problems, problems that are real- a depressed mother, grandfather is dying being not "swedish", being in a relationship with a douchebag, living on your ownbecause the other parent is alcoholic and others, along with bullying and being in love. There's the best handling of a crush on a teacher I've seen, young people having sex and not and not getting penalized for it. It also got a canon romance between two girls and they both live! Really recommended. The conclusion was very satisfying - no dead revived, but not forgotten, difficult decisions that pay off, old ledgers finally shut. Some long needed revenge.

Bonus: some headcanons about a hockey au of the verse. :D

I read book two of the Raksura, The Serpent Sea. Its a fantasy series about a race of shapeshifting dragon-birds, is the closest description I have. Plotting, world building and characterisation here continue to be great and I enjoy the setting a lot. The gender politicsof the Raksura are refined in this volume and continue to be interesting. I will get the next book as well. One thing I missed is the continuation of the threat the Fell represented. I still think they will be the overarchiving villains and hope they make a reappearance.

And finally, I gave in and read the first Captive Prince book. Finished it in one day and have to admit everyone was right. Now I can't wait to somehow read the next two, dammit. I should have gotten them all together. Thankfully they got it in one day last time.

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Title: A DAy With No Regrets
Fandom: DC Comics
Canon basis: DCAU
Disclaimer: Fandom and characters do not belong to me. I don't make money off this.This transformative work is based on another transformative work.
Genre: slash, fluff, podfic
Warnings: none
Rating: Teen and Up
Personal: Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth
Pairings: Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
Length: 00:41:15
Beta: unbetaed

Summary: When Bruce Wayne gets stuck in a time loop, he's more intrigued than alarmed. It doesn't hurt that every day ends with his first date with Clark Kent.

Google drive stream: STREAM AND DOWNLOAD
Original fic: A Day With No Regrets by [personal profile] mithen | [personal profile] mithen | [personal profile] mithen 
AO3 Link: Ao3 Post

There's some reader's notes at the end. Wow, I did the second one very hasty. Those two are my first podfics and my accent is somewhat awkward but check it out! If you don't like podfic I would still highly recommend the original stories - I can't think of a better author to get into Superbat and since the movie comes out soon, the fandom might rekindle. :)
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Title: Where The Lightning Strikes
Fandom: DC Comics
Canon basis: DCAU
Disclaimer: Fandom and characters do not belong to me. I don't make money off this.This transformative work is based on another transformative work.
Genre: slash, fluff, podfic
Warnings: none
Rating: Teen and Up
Personal: Diana, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Wally West
Pairings: Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
Length: 00:35:19
Beta: keraaminenkettu @ tumblr

Summary: While double-checking Fortress security, Batman hacks into Clark's diaries.

Google drive stream: STREAM AND DOWNLOAD
Original fic: Where The Lightning Strikes by [ profile] mithen | [ profile] mithen | [ profile] mithen 
AO3 Link: Ao3 Post
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I've been kind of silent, having lost my dreamwidth password and have been a bit sick. Nothing serious just regular annoyance that doesn't go away.

In hockey news, the Riveters have lost their playoff series. :( Unsuprising but heartbreaking.

Also, the all hockey hair team came out today and it is non-creepy for a change. I'm very sad that it is getting more professional, but still a classic.
Vid under the cut )

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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Undertale
Canon basis: pacifist route
Disclaimer: Fandom and characters do not belong to me. I don't make money off this.
Genre: fem slash, fluff
Warnings: spoilers for the pacifist route
Rating: G
Personal: Alphys, Undyne
Pairings: Alphys/Undyne
Beta: Unbetaed
Word Count: 1417
A/N: Just a small ficlet for femslash february. I'll see if I can wring a story arc from that maybe, but self-contained for now. Comments and con-crit welcome!


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I saw this on tumblr and needed to share this with the DW-only people. If you're a hockey fan and haven't read Check, Please! you're missing out. An adorable comic dealing with friendship, LGBT+ themes, hockey and the toxic culture around it as well as love and college life.

Now, some genius has been making some songs for a hypothetical musical adaption. They're amazing.

Three of five vids under the cut, because I couldn't decide!  )
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First off, I went to Regensburg this weekend to visit a hockey fandom friend! Yay! I had a great time, we watched the local home game between EVG and Deggendorf right above the penalty boxes. Fun times. The rest of the trip was playing board games and going to the christmas markets together. It was a good weekend and I needed it.

I brought some stuff for her and while I was in the bookshop I got lured into buying a wonderful edition of the makura no sôshi by Sei Shônagon. Bound with fabric, it is drool worthy. A new, complete translation with a lot of nice footnotes and a glossary about stuff like monoimi. So. Worth. It.

If you don't know, this is basically the diary/blog of a court lady at around 1000 in Heian Japan. The whole thing is hilarious - our author knows exactly what she wants and has an opinion on everything. The English translation which we got recced by our profs is McKinney but even if you just read it online, I promise it is worth it. (check out wiki for some sources.)

Which brings me to... Winter Mail! The past years I've been sending out small packages for the holidays to whoever wanted one. Well,I'm calling it mail, because if too many people ask, I need to cut back. Anyway, it is the time of the year again. If you want some mail, tell me here or on tumblr the following things:

- your address
- any dietary restrictions/things you love. I don't care about the why - if you only eat nuts at summer solstice, I just want to know so I can make sure your package is nut free. The more you tell me about your tastes, the more I can work with!
- what kind of holiday greeting you might like - if you don't tell me, I'll go with the standard "Happy Holidays".

Please tell me until... the 8th, let's say? So I can get the stuff ready

And, at last, NHL AllStar Game Voting!

So, I'm very much a fan of vote someone ridiculous. It makes the game more interesting and honestly, I feel that P. K*ne being voted in as captain is way more of a stain on the integrity of the process. This years early leader was John Scott and then he told us he would rather not attend yesterday. Bummer :( Jagr also said he's "too old" but Teemu took one for the team and convinced him slightly otherwise.

But say those two are not going, who else can we single out? Some suggestions:
- Goalie Captains! Which is a great idea. If Jagr won't go, Luongo seems like a good choice.
- Claude Giroux as Metro captain for that Grilled Cheesby factor! When else could we have him captaining Sidney?! He would also be an excellent troll.
- Sidney Crosby himself, just to make sure he can't skip another ASG.

I've also seen Erik Karlsson voting, which would be great since he hates 3-on-3 but honestly, in the Atlantic I find it hard to vote for anyone but PK Subban who was ROBBED last year by the NHL. It's a travesty and he should go. Nuff Said.

Feel free to input any other interesting/horrible campaigns we might do! I still don't know how to trump K. as the central captain - really, he's  going to be there, ok, but the fans do NOT need to do this. We should figure something out.

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I haven't really done much in the last month or so and kinda let stuff on dreamwidth a bit slide.

Some notes!

- I watched a ton of Undertale play throughs! I'm not much of a gamer so I didn't play it. The game is very notable for its story and the choices offered as well as wonderful dialogue, characters and music. If you got 9.99$ to spare, even if you don't play many games, do yourself a favour and play this! It is an experience. If you can't, watch a play through at least. It will make you laugh, cry and love. And feel loved. Really can't endorse it too much - if you can, attempt to play it yourself though. :)

Bonus: There's an absolute wonderful f/f pairing in the game and I'm flailing very much about them. Fandom kind of ignores them but I want more fic about them being domestic and hilarious.

- I've also started a slight attempt to better my cooking skills with the helps of Good Eats. I guess the North Americans here probably know the program, but mostly I've watched an episode and made one thing before I watched the next. I really love the approach of food through science. A cooking show that explains the why and hows. If you're interested in either, give it a look.

- I've read the Naruto mini spin off. Which... I'll probably try to make a whole post about and how I found the whole thing hilarious. As a train wreck. Mostly the same reaction I had to the last naruto chapter: I just enjoyed the ride and whatever I disagreed with has a headcanon from me. In fact, I very much disagree with how Sasuke was written in this. (For everyone who didn't know: One fandom I read for years was Naruto, I was definitely pro-Sasuke in some ways and my main ship was Uchihacest though I read anything. Please take the warning.) The whole thing had me screaming in laughter, I'll try to collect thoughts on this

- I got the Welcome to Night Vale novel and... am stuck in the middle. Not ready to form an opinion yet, but it is a bit of a chore to read right now.

- Also sadly: We got news that Gravity Falls will end this season. This was planned by the creator, which is good news and hopefully does ensure all hanging plot threads are secured. I can't help being sad there won't be more. I'll try to make a slight reaction/recap for the rest of the season from where I left off.
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If so, could I interest you into a browser game where you breed dragons? It's mostly my method of relaxing. Called Flight Rising, the site doesn't allow for registration normally because of the traffic, but!

On the 18th they have a registration window for the day. So, if you want to come join me, check them out here! I'm on there under pfau, if you want any starter supplies or similar, talk to me! ^^ I would love to have more dragon friends and I would love to share some stuff!

If you got any questions about time investment or other things, I'm happy to answer you as well. :D

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 Finally made it through most of the Rarepair Exchange fics. The whole collection was very enjoyable and a lot of great concepts came out of it! (Ghostbusters au anyone?) I know I'm late, but here are some recs of my favourites to check out if you haven't yet!

10 fics )

This got pretty long even as I struggled to contain the list. I enjoyed and commented on many of the other fics as well, so if you enjoyed anything not appearing on this list even more I wouldn't be surprised.

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I didn't do really all that much this week, so have some thoughts on cartoons:

spoilers for Gravity Falls and Steven Universe )

And, at last, an unique crossover fanfic I want to rec:

"Fairies Aren't Gentleman" by AMarguerite, Jeeves & Wooster and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.
Summary: "Or, "The Other Club Book." Bertie Wooster accidentally attends a party hosted by the Chappie with Thistledown Hair in the Faerie kingdom of Lost-Hope, and finds it dashed difficult to get out of another invitation. How can Jeeves possibly get him out of the soup when Bertie can't describe his rummy circs?"
The author does a good job of hitting the tone of the Jeeves books as well as making the crossover canon-compliant to both. Stephen Black is an important character in this, which is always delightful.

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Hi, everyone! Most of you should be new friends since I didn't really have any friends on dreamwidth before and this is my official welcome post.

I'm Myrdschaem/Miriam and mostly been involved via lurking in fandom, at least 12 years now. As my first language is german, the place where I got my feet wet was and animexx before I switched to I stayed there and lurked a lot because I was in a fandom with enough fic that I never could have finished it all. So I came very late into journal fandom and while I know the general etiquette, I never really long term participated.

I've been on tumblr since 2011 and that switch was very good for me as a lurker and I slowly managed to step out into general fandomsphere from there. I now actually talk to people sometimes! And I did start posting more fic than I ever thought, as much as five. :P

My current main fandom is hockey rpf and in a general sort of upheaval - I guess I'll try to keep everyone posted. Other fandoms I like are Sense8 and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, as well as a bunch I haven't caught up with, like Hannibal, Daredevil, Agent Carter, Orange is the New Black and so on. The one I actively participate in is hockey though.

Outside of that I'm currently keeping up with Welcome To Night Vale, Gravity Falls, Brooklyn 99, Bob's Burgers and Steven Universe. I usually always have books around but don't seem to finish them much these days. I also got back into Pokemon thanks to writing fic and I play Flight Rising.

In Real Life, I'm a student (Japanese and International Literature) and have encountered some mental health problems which are messing with completing the studying. I might post about those under lock and am willing to lend anyone with problems an open ear. ^^

In a bit more uplifting news, I'm newly single after my first actual relationship. Some other identity stuff: bi/pan, cis woman.

And now, re: hockey news:

Hawks traded Versteeg and Nordström today. To the Canes. Full transaction here. I had a jaw drop moment, for real. I don't know any of these people coming back, but can we maybe sign Krüger now? Argh. Anyone know enough about the Canes to have an opinion on this?


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